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CIRCLE Recovery Hub

Working in collaboration with the artist, Seamus Killick and a group of service users from CIRCLE Recovery Hub, a mental health and addiction recovery service in Paisley, we created an outdoor public artwork together over the course of 10 weeks in 2022 which reflected participant’s lived experience of their recovery journey. The final piece is 2m in diameter, mounted on aluminium and is now installed in CIRCLE’s external space.

CIRCLE Recovery Hub Artwork(2m Diameter)Installation.jpg

Final Artwork Installation, CIRCLE Recovery Hub exterior wall, Glasgow Road, Paisley, 2022

Weekly project sessions

Collective Focus

Throughout 2022 I collaborated with people from the community of Seedhill to produce a diverse photographic portrait of the area. I asked community members of all ages and cultural backgrounds to document everyday aspects of their lives using disposable film cameras, creating a photographic response to their lives in the neighbourhood. I curated the images with the help of participants and placed them alongside those of others in their community, people often unknown to each other, revealing individual stories and a collective identity.

The 10 final artworks containing 120 photographs taken by people in the neighbourhood were displayed publicly in shop and cafe windows around Seedhill in November 2022. We also produced an accompanying project zine.

The project was part of my year-long Participatory Artist Residency with the Creative Scotland funded EVOLVE project in Seedhill, Paisley in 2022.

One of ten final artworks

CF Exhibition 1.jpg

Community windows exhibition in shop and cafe windows around the neighbourhood of Seedhill, Paisley, November 2022

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