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Cumbernauld Through Our Eyes
Artist Residency with Cumbernauld Theatre Trust

A community-based Artist Residency with Cumbernauld Theatre Trust which took place over four months in 2021. Working with the elderly community of Cumbernauld, I designed, planned, and delivered a creative project which provided an opportunity for individuals to reflect upon the things that matter to them while exploring their relationship to the place they call home. Community members documented their lives using disposable cameras as well as taking part in individual and group sessions examining their life stories through their photographs in addition to physically exploring their home town of Cumbernauld through group photo walks. I took portraits of individual community members as well as recording their thoughts and feelings on Cumbernauld. The project culminated in an exhibition in Cumbernauld Theatre in October 2021 as well as the publication of an accompanying zine which was distributed throughout the community. 


Helen S.jpg
Helen D.jpg

Project Exhibition - Cumbernauld Theatre October 2021

Cumbernauld Exhibition Installation 3.jpg
Cumbernauld Exhibition Installation 5.jpg
Cumbernauld Exhibition Installation View 2.jpg

Project Zine

Nicola Stead Zine Front Cover.jpg
Zine inner page 1.jpf
Zine inner page 4.jpf
Zine inner page 2.png
Zine inner page 5.jpf
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